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Cactus or Chandlier

Arrival at Ballestas Islands

Thousands of birds


Andian Terns



Cormarants in the mist

Andian Terns in flight

Steep turn about to dive

Had a lazy start today as we were heading out to the national park on a remote island outpost called Ballestas island via the hotel speedboat. It was a beautiful increasingly hot morning at the hotel, but s we speed our way out to the islands, the sea mist lay thick ahead of us.

We sped out to a small Penisular were a giant cactus known as the chandelier had be created. This sign post is on the direct flight line to the Nasca lines and is thought to have been the signpost for the aliens to take them to the centre of their activities.

We sped on into the eve denser mist and fog with an increasing number of sea birds flying their way home.

After 30 minutes we came upon a massive rocky island seemingly cover by many birds, Andean tern, boobies, gannets of every type, pelicans, turkey vultures and many more that I can remember. As it bobbed up and down in the sea swell there were sealions all along the beach, each with its central big headed maned male noisily protecting its harem of females and pups. Add this to noise of the thousands of birds and the stink of millennia of guano, this national park is a wonderous place. The ocean must have an incredible volume of fish and crabs to support the thousands of hungry beaks to feed. We travelled around every nook and cranny, caves and bridges carved by the ocean. Each have there own species of sitting tenants. The hour soon passed as we were joined by a flotilla of other speedboats joining the noisy cacophony of wildlife.

We sped back to the hotel, witnessing the gannets dive bombing the ocean for their supper. There was also an incident where another speedboat cut across a local fishermans net, living him empty handed as well as no equipment, it was no wonder the was raving and cursing.

Back in civilisation, wonderful breakfast, stripped off and into the pool. Cocktails all round and much longed sun radiating our white bodies, bliss.

Dave went cycling after losing his running shirts. So far Dave has lost his expensive sunglasses and Red Sox cap in Mucho Picchu, his passport, ( only temporary), some say he also lost his marbles, but I know that was happened years ago.

Spent day by pool and enjoyed a Mexican fiesta in the hotel with enthuasically singing to Guantanamella. Ole, Hasta La Vista Babe til tomorrow.

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