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I woke early at 4am as I needed to catch up on the blog, I have so many days, so many photographs from the Jungle to load today, but decided to catch up with my wonderous script catching each and ever moment.

We boarded the shared transport today and we had 2 extra guests, Chinese Americans in with us. Very Unusual.

So off we headed and for the next two hours we bumped and popped the horn, until we got to a service station 1/2 way. We jumped off, brought some biscuits had a wee and returned. What happened next shall be known as "The Chinese Incident". On returning to the bus one of the Chnese ladies ( a sandwich short of a picnic) got ou board, crying and squealing, grabbed her bag and cried. We thought originally that she had fallen out with the other women she was with. But no she had been struck by a large backpack from a guy in front of her, which then had crushed the hot coffee in her hand and pressed it down her front. There was howling and shock, so much that it seemed the entire management of the service station were outside the door, wondering what they could possibly do. Once the drama had calmed down (2 mins later) it was not the injury it was the over action to the incident rather than an accident. We offered her solace and compassion and even some clothes, but she would a T shirt at the airport. So off we went. We arrived at Paracus airport, brand spanking new with international and national gates and up to 36 check in desks. All this to service 3 lots of sight seeing planes over the Nasca lines. It had been open for 18 months and the desks were still wrapped in protective plastic. But I suppose "if they build it, people will come"

Anyhow we excited awaited and finally climbed aboard single engine 20 seater out to the Nasca lines. There were 5 Russians, 3 Americans all of which did not seem to be all there and the four of us. Each with a window seat. We took off and got up 25,000 ft and headed north for 30 minutes, which seemed a lot longer that I had expected. As we came to the area of the famous sculptures in the desert we dropped down to 3,000 ft above the desert. Now I am the first to admit that things were a bit bumpy as the air was unstable around the mountains and desert floor. No one was expecting the first bank left almost 90 degrees vertically to the left to allow the first image Ballena Whale to be seen out of the port window, then as deftly banked 180 degrees for the starboard window. This arial acrobatics ensured for the next 30 minutes, infact on one of the turns on the starboard we did a perfect 360 pivot on the wingtip and the image. I felt like I was Sandra Bullock in the Gravity movie, because I am sure that I was pinned to the roof of the cockpit for some of the shots. Clearly Alison no fan of roller coasters had stopped taking photographs and was sipping water, looking pale. Unbeknown to me at the Dave who was behind me was a little unsure, but the guy behind a big seven foot tall yank, had his head between his legs going green. But the show must go on and Alison very much to credit maintained her aide of dignity and poise despite looking white.

Anyhow we saw the Trapezoides, Astronaut, monkey, dog, hummingbird, spider, condor, the 300m Heron bird, 200m Parrot, the tree and the hands, all just like in the movies, books and tv programmes I have seen over the years. And yes I had a little lump in my throat, thinking this is unbeliveably brilliant, or it could have been the eggs I had for breakfast.

A cheer went up on landing and most we happy to be back, some with photos and some with sick bags, either way an experience that they will never forgot.

We travelled down the road in Paracus to the luxury collection Paracus Hotel and stayed in a 5 star, garden facing apartment to ease the journey, the flight as well as relief from the mosquito bites. It is 18 c in the evening, a slight sea breeze and a brilliant crystal clear sky, where Dave and I reminisced about our planetaruim experience back in Cusco, identified Orion's Belt and found the seven sisters star constellation so important to the Incas way back when.

Went for an Italian meal, Alsion, Dave and Irene shared 2 pizzas whilst I tucked into penne bolagnase with the Godfather music playing in the background. Another wonderous and amazing day disappears into the bottom of the wine glass and off to bed under a starry starry sky, blisssssss, beanus Noches everyone, until tomorrow

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