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Lima Old town square

Central fountain

Team picture

Old Threatre

Inner courtyard at convent


Misty beach front at Lima

By resturant

Crabs on the beach

Dinner at Resturant

Well here we are in the Capital city of Peru, Lima. Dave and Irene had arrived there originally from the UK.

Had a swift breakfast and was greeted by our guide Sonia. She had plenty of knowledge and understanding but as we had heard the Pre Inca, Inca and Spanish eras it was very difficult to remain engaged. It was further strained when it appeared that the City tour was being conducted at speed and without photo stop opportunities due to traffic and time constraints.

This clearly was not on but after a few poorly chosen stops for photographs, it was clearly explained as to what we wanted, so we headed to the old Spanish square.

Here we got out and went on a walking tour of the old town, starting with the Cathedral and the tomb of Ferdinand Pizzario, the Spanish explorer who found and claimed Peru for Spain, setting a disastrous course of history for the Inca People. He and 12 fellow passengers later came to rule the 13 provinces of Peru.

Inside the cathedral the ornate alter pieces and effigies of the St Francis the holy mother. Adorned in gold, silver and silk cloth, draped with a llama cloak to appease the Incas goddess Pacca Mamma. She is seen often crying for the sick, the poor, the needy. We explored the catacombs and found the burial grounds of the children.

We found Lima old town, could have been like any large town in Spain, beautiful squares, quiet courtyards, beautiful architecture and surrounded by the domination of the catholic faith and its many churches.

We visited a beautiful convent adorned with mosaics that had been brought from Madrid and Roman, the convent was dedicated to Mother Rose the healer. The library in its sanctum still had original scripts dating back to the pre invasion period.

Then as quickly our time was up and we were taken back to the Pacific Ocean, where out on a pier we had a table at a fantastic classy resturant called Nautilis Rose. It was in prime position out in the surf breaking line where we downed a few more Pisco sours, more excellent seafood and more wine. It is strange to note that due to the meeting of two sea currents from North and South the seafront is held in a deep footy mist. Despite this the locals cloud bathed , surfed, and swam in the constant long swells and waves generated over thousands of miles.

Did a bit of shopping back in town centre and at the main square we came across a presentation for the Pervian National football team for the World Cup. The Purvian President was there as past fee roes of Peru including Norbert Solano.. Their band was there and everyone was singing their song Peru, Peru, Peru. They will have to learn others for Russia in a few months time!!!!!

Did not need any food at Dinner, so had a few more cocktails, joined in with the very classy singer and band,sort of like an informal Karioke and off to bed. As we move on tomorrow early at 07:00 to Paracus and the NASCAR Lines.

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