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Beautiful bloom

Another stunner

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Amazonian Woodpecker

Wasps nest


Down in vegetable patch

Sunset river cruise

All by myself selfie

Rest of my crew

After our visit to the tree, shower, and lunch we had a late afternoon trip to the local farm where. the food from the hotel was produced. The site was just across the river and as we approached the plot the farmer and his wife were working on the land in baking hot sun. The area had been cleared of rainforest to grow the crops and there little cover for the workers.

The huts provided little more than cover and were built from the trees felled during the clearance.

As expected the farm had many sorts of fruits, potatoes, herbs, rice, peppers as well as chickens and pigs. The key crop was bananas and rice. The exciting and interesting part that it was grown in a paddy field but kept moist by the red clay and the river.

We left the site and headed up river to see the sunset on a major bend. Silverio now armed with the new pan technique with his phone was having a field day with us as his Guinea pigs.

The was to be our last trip and following dinner and few cocktails, it was time to pack the last few unused clothes as the remainder were to be donated to the locals, after they were washed obviously.

Alison left slightly earlier to start packing, however I found her outside the room as a giant cricket had fallen in love with our bed. Having staff come down to remove it, Alison was shocked a second time when an Amazonal rat ran across our bathroom and disappeared under the floor.

We settled down to our last night in the jungle and fell to sleep listening to those grunts, squawks, seeks and buzzing that we now had got ten sort of use to. Up at 6am and sadly departed the lodge at 7:00.

We were grouped together with some Germans for our trip back to the office, reunited with our luggage and onto Lima.. We had a short stop off in Cusco due to offloading passengers but also an almighty thunderstorm and torrential downpour soon extended that wait by over an 90 minutes.

We arrived at Lima and settled into the Marriott Hotel directly across from the Pacific Ocean. The traffic in Lima is crazy, jammed full of cars with no system to move traffic. Much bobbing of horns and few choice words was the only control mechanism. Saw a beautiful sunset iut of the back of the coach, before being discharged into 5 star luxury, a hot shower with no insects, crisp clean sheets and a view of the city. After working on blog went to bed st 23:30 and fell promptly into a deep and satisfying sleep.

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