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Off we go

Small yellow frog

Typical green frog

Florescent Caterpillars

Bugs unknown variaty

Another Bug

Cricket in bedroom

Snake on the bed

Waiter waiter there's something in my ......

Back for dinner

I must say having been up since 4am and marched at least 10 km through the jungle and up and down rivers and Lakes the thought of Nother trek was tiring, but this is a once in life time opportunity. So following another shower and clothes wash we were ready to go. Please note that this is the rainforest, we have not seen rain for a whole day, it was hot even for the locals today up to 32c but with 100% humidity this is draining.

Our boot socks were now standing and waiting for us to go. I am sure the first signs of trench foot are being seen or should I say smelt. They are discussing.

Silverio heads off into the darkness with the five of his charges dragging their feet behind. We all soon close ranks when the stories of the anaconda and jaguar are told as we peer desperately out into the dark void.

Armed with his high powered torch he immediately dives into the vegetation and recovers a number of different frogs, we spire large spiders and weird looking bugs. We find fluorescent coloured caterpillars and even an odd baby caiman. Surprisingly we spot many glittering eyes particularly on water, these eyes were owned by spiders absolutely mind blowing.

We were then asked to turn all lights off and listen to the jungle. Almost immediately I jumped because something got hold of my hand, fortunately it was Alison . There were a few flickers of florecence from fireflies and other same beasties trying to attract others to their clutches either for sex or to eat, if you were lucky you would get both!!!

Finally we trekked back absolutely knackered but exhilarated by our first day in the Amazon.

Back for another shower and the opportunity for the mosquitos to get to other areas of our bodies they had not yet found, and off to bed before the generator is turned off.

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