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Macaws waiting in trees

Macaws checking out the area

Landing on the salt lick

Nearly there

Here's looking at you

Still no movement

After the ecstatic morning with the river otters, we had barely 5 minutes to have breakfast and we were on the move again under the strict guidance of Silvario. This time we marched 3km towards the clay lick to hopefully see what appears. The heat is very much increased as does the ratio of mosquitoes per cubic metre.

We sit within a hide approx 30m from the lick. The wait is intense and finally there was a gathering of macaw in trees, their incescent squawking, chatting and screaking built to a high level of noise, but they remained high in the trees. Then the ants started biting along with the mosquitos as with slowly boiled in the heat and humidity. No one said it was going to be easy, and this is nothing like easy!!!!!

Then 2 blue macaws came down on an inspection run and gave the all clear signal. This then set the other birds down onto the clay lick. There must have been over 20 macaws dropping in or out with perhaps another 30 in the trees. It was really heating up both in the hide as well as the action when a small group of howler monkeys gathered assuming it was their area and frightened the colourful birds away. Not to return again. So off we trekked back to the lodge for some recovery, drinks and food but what a fantastic morning. The only downside was that our hands, face and neck had a high number of bites and the clothes we were wearing were disgustingly wet with sweat and becoming increasingly smelly. Had a shower fully clothed, hung the clothes out to dry and waited for the afternoon activity. Had a really tasting banana monkey cocktail with a beer chaser in preparation.

With now dry and temporarily freshly washed clothes got our wellies on and headed to a nearby locally run lodge and its local community who have created with the aid of many shaman a cultivated area of all the required herbs, trees and plants that provide a pharmacy for the locals, We had a tour of their plants whilst providing blood donations to the local mosquitos. Surprisingly Silverio was also bitten and distracted by these little blighters but he did not appear like us with red blisters and hard bumps. We tasted a number of leaves and berries, one of which was an anastectic plant which numbed our tongues and cheeks. Amazing but a weird and worrying situation.At the end of the tour we were given a drink shot of a juice to improve our digestion, a drink of herbal red bull and a large shot of paca paca which apparently cured impotency.

I do not think it worked as Alison had a headache and all I had was a stiff neck!!

Came back for pre dinner drinks, 2 stone lighter due to loss of blood and leakage of body fluids.

Tonight the night trek.

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