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Mimosa trees

We arrived today at about 3 pm in Liberia; the airport city in the north of Costa Rica. I felt quite enthralled to see our cab driver holding a card with my name on it - somehow, that always makes me feel taken care of. We are staying at a hotel in the countryside near one of the volcanos and I am pretty sure that the name of the lodge translates to "lodge by the canyon of the old woman; which somehow seems appropriate... There is a lovely pool with a swim up bar and apparently we can set up a volcano mud bath and scrub, which sounds particularly fun.

We are still getting our bearings about how to get from one area to another and will find out more about that tomorrow. Everyone is very friendly, and I am thinking that my elementary Spanish may be getting a workout here!


Barbara rocks when it comes to speaking Spanish. There's a slight pause as she takes in multiple sentences and then replies. She's processing. Me, we know that I am linguistically impaired. I can understand some but speak only the basics. We are in a very dry area,not at all the jungle we expected. We could see volcanoes as we travelled to the lodge. Our room is a wood cabin that reminds us of summer camp. It does have electricity and indoor plumbing. Very comfortable. We had dinner outside in the covered bar. Rice, beans and plantain were on the menu. We were mesmerized by the big screen tv (must be because we were tired) First we watched a cartoon called Larva. Very disturbing with larvae and frogs doing thing to each other. Then, came the music videos. We don't know who these people are. But, we couldn't look away. I intend to avoid any further screens. Tomorrow will be our first Full day in Costa Rica. I'd intend to hike around the area and get a mud bath.

Buenos Noches


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