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Inside tour bus

Our tour bus

Torkey Beach


MD and Gary along Great OceannDrive


In the tain forest

Rain forest

12 Apostles



Opps... tour bus broken!

Rescued! Home at 10:00 pm

Ladies Room

We had a beautiful day driving along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne. Our guide Adam was full of great stories and lots of interesting music from Australia. The day went very fast. We stopped at all the regular places along the road, seeing surfers, koalas iin the wild asleep, and beautiful seascapes. The Twelve Apostles rock formation was outstanding (we could only find eight). Loch Ard, site of the ship wreck, Was our favorite along the road. You could walk 99 steps down (and back up!) to the beach and sea caves and interesting rock formations... a different perspective. All ships coming from South Africa had do go through the dangerpos Bass Straight to get to Melbourne or Sydney.

Unfortunately our bus broke down while we were at this last site. The driver was on top of it and another bus came to rescue us about 30 minutes later. It should put us back an hour and we didn't get home till 10 o'clock. But it was still very well managed.

I found it interesting that all bus drivers in Australia insist you wear seat belts (except in Darwin and they drive a bit fast and crazy there....).

Women's rest rooms are called "female". Breakfast is Brekkie, sunglasses are sunnies, cough drops are throaties, sidewalks are walking paths, and swim suits are swimmers.

Tomorrow to Tasmania!

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