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Cusco Main Square

Rear of Qorikancha

Inca King


Having my trainers show shined they were brilliant

Found a little place to eat

Alpachas Tacos for four mmmmmmmm

Mmmmmm Cheese

Little boy in need of relief

EEveryone turned up for breakfast which was good as we all had survived the Guinea pig. We Thought we would explore the parts of city that we had not visited this included the planetarium. So we booked a taxi and waited only to be told that it was not open until this evening. So poor start but Alison and Irene got an immediate retail therapy high by procuring 2 delightful baby alpaca shawls. They had demonstrated the various styles they could achieve. To ensure that this training was not lost video and photos were taken. I managed my purchase outside with a young street vendor with 3 llama key rings for $1. Alison was not happy and put me under guard not to waste any more money.

We visited the Inca museum which was if poorly presented told in full the story of the pre inca clans to their sublimation under the Cusco culture in the 14th Century through to the empire end in 1594. It is strange to think that from there height in domination to submission was only 94 years, but their pre history goes back over 14,000 years, a following visit to the Macchu Piccu museum further enlightened on what we were to expect in our next few days.

Wandered around and found an Artizan cafe and we all tucked into an Alpaca Taco, it was delicious.

Decided to get my trainers cleaned by the shoeshine lady. She did a terrific job they came up brilliantly. During the time I was in the chair, I had the opportunity to read some Spanish from a children's book to her six year daughter. However I was corrected by the grandmother on a number of occasions, so I let the child read in peace.

We headed down to the artisan commercial centre to buy Irene a hat, however I ended up trying to buy a belt.

This was particularly funny as the female shop assistance was dying to go to the toilet. She was also desperate to make a sale. Disappointingly she had no stock that would fit me after trying on about 20 belts. By this time she was hopping from one foot to another and took me to her sisters store where after another 5 minutes and an easy negotiation as by this time she was crossing her legs.

On the way back Dave turned to trader as he tried to trade up with two llamas key rings for a painting. This had the desired affect of the artist following us but no deal

Irene finally brought her hat at the first shop she went to, after some skilful negotiation and finding the only marked hat in the shop of 3000 hats.

In the evening we went to a planetarium, which was quite interesting as the planetaruim was a doomed room inside a mud hut, but supported by a brilliant projector that could produce the Milky Way anywhere on the planet.

After a fascinating session, some of which I fell asleep, we went outside disappointingly to a cloudy sky.

Our presenter still managed to show us the 7 sisters star constellation the most important to the Incas

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