Unfinished Business - Fall/Winter - 2017/8 travel blog


When we are at home and the temperature goes below 50º, we quickly lose interest in outdoor sports. But when we left the motor home today on our bikes, it was a whopping 34º. We love the organized Monday bike rides from the campground which get us to unfamiliar parts of metro Tucson and today's was special. The leader had secured a van to take us to a trail head 17 miles from the campground. His email assured us that we would coast all the way back to the campground. What's not to like his email asked. The temperature!

The drive to the trail head took us about half an hour and the temperature came up a bit. The wind was at our backs and we coasted down as promised. The bike trail went through a lush desert punctuated occasionally by western themed outdoor art. I would have loved to stop and take a few photos, but when you don't know where you are and you don't know where you are going, you'd better stay with the group. Most bike riders here dress in bright orange or neon yellow spandex, attire that does not show our fat, lumpy bodies to their best advantage. Today I was glad that I had on two coats; only my fingers were cold.

As we came to the outskirts of town, we stopped for a welcome cup hot coffee at McD's. A flock of bright orange and yellow geezers get lot of looks wherever we go, and we took over the restaurant. A few more miles and we were back at the campground, warm and happy.

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