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To New Zealand!

Gart on plane... we had 4 seats!

Our motel, Christ Church


Room with Gary at work!

To New Zealand! Wee#4

Airbus... nice

Nice plane ride

Our motel

On the train

On the observation car

Port Aarthur

Gary at station


Driving... rain forest

Nice room with kitchen

The town

Grilled lamb for dinner


Our flight from Hobart went smoothly. Jetstar is an economy airline owned by Quantas. It " nickels and dimes " you to death... $10 to Pick your seat, $55 to check a bag, everyone gets 7 kg to carry-on, which isn't much, and they weigh it when you are getting on the plane. If you have too much you have to pay and it goes by the kilo then and it is very expensive. (7 kilos is about 15 pounds, which is the limit!) There are some unhappy people. Even a cuppa coffee or a glass of water costs. Gary jokes that you have to have 4 quarters to use the bathroom on the plane.

At Melbourn airport we picked up our bags at storage And checked into China Air. I was not expecting much but the plane was beautiful. And Airbus 330-300. Very spacious. And there was a handicap bathroom on the plane that was 4' x 6' wow amazing! Our flight was three hours and 30 minutes. Very nice. We were met by a representative of the company from which we rented the car and we were taken to a nice motel. The room is very large with a balcony and a full kitchen and laundry facilities yes!!! Gary is hard at work again. We walk several blocks down Columbus Street to a pub where we had a delicious and satisfying Thai beef salad. Now we are home getting ready for our train trip tomorrowe are packed and ready fou our train pickup at 7:30 in the morning!

We were picked up at the hotel and take to the train. We were in a carriage of mostly seats facing forward and a couple of table sets. The seats were very comfortable and we had great reviews. There was a commentary going on about what we were saying which was quite educational. We did go up to the observation car which was actually outside and a bit windy for me. We bought some coffee and enjoy the views. It was a four hour 30 minute travel time. We stop several times. We got the sandwiches for lunch... food is so expensive here!!! $20 bucks foe s pre packaged itrm

We arrived at the final destination, Greymouth.We pickrd up our Budget car and adventured out onto the highway 6. First stop was the grocery. Off to Franz Josef!!!

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