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Toast and vegemite... salty!

Walking the bridge

Opera house and MD

Manley Beach




Traditional Chinese dancing

Chinese Tea Tasting at Chinese Friendship Garden

Our hotel - our room on top floor center

Beer at the Lord Nelson - Gary

Plowman's Plate at the Brewery

We have Friday and Saturday left in Sydney, and do plans

Coffee slang: short black - shot of expresso; long black - expresso with hot water added; flat white - shot of expresso with steamed milk; cappuccino - same; mugoccino - cappuccino in a mug; babycinno - steamed milk with powdered chocolate sprinkled on top!

We had a nice continental breakfast at our hotel, including vegemite for our toast, and "long black" coffees; and set off to walk across the Sydney Bridge while it was cool. It tool about 30 minutes and 2500 steps. Not much to do on the other side, so we walked back to Circular Quay.

There we took the Ferry to the popular seaside town of Manley Beach. The beach was beautiful as expected. We went to the Mandalay Art Gallery. I was really impressed with their conceptual exhibits about the Prisoner Quarentine Area near Manley in the early 1900s. We walked around, had a beer, had some fish and chips (french fries) for lunch (pay for ketchup), and headed back on the ferry. The ferry takes about 30 minutes. This time we got to sit in the bow which was really fun.

The temperature has cooled down this afternoon to high 70s; nice! We stopped at the Contemporary Art Museum. It was nice but I didn't find it very interesting. Then we came back to our room. We decided to finish up our first round of postcards to the grandchildren so we sat outside our hotel and had a beer from the bar. Excellent. The mailbox is right across the street from the hotel!

We showered; it feels good to be clean after the hot days. Tonight is the observatory night. We spent two hours of hands on activities at the Sydney Observatory. It was an historic building used in the 1800s for messaging ships as well as an observatory. We learned how to identify the Southern Cross constellation. We looked through to telescopes. We saw Uranus and several stars, although it was cloudy outside.

We slept until 8:00 on Sat. Then off to the Sat. Market at the Rocks... lots of "stuff". We exchanged some $$$ and checked out the train to the airport. Good thing since it was cancelled for the weekend due to repairs. Plan 2 is a cab to the airport!!!

Then we walked to Chinatown to see what was happening for the Chinese New Year. Not much... but we saw a traditional dance with we think a serpent. We had a delicious bowl of noodles and king prawns at the food court at Patty's Market. Then we walked to the Chinese Friendship Garden, lovely, cool and peaceful. There were a dozen tea tastings going on, which were very good! Gary even participated. Then we had a beer on the park. Walked 45 minutes down Kent Street to our hotel.

We had a beer outside our hotel brewery. And a Plownan's Platter.... pickled eggs, onions, cheese, breat, apple butter and hit mustard... yum!

We rested, then walked for two hours along the waterfront until dark. There was a very short fireworks display. Back to the room for our last hike up the 4 flights of stairs... 59 steps!!! Love the atmospheric room, very quiet up here... but will not miss the climb! Off to the airport at 7:30am for our trip to Darwin.

My impressions of Sydney: clean, modern, good transportation, safe, very friendly, no language barrier, but EXPENSIVE!!!!

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