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Camp ground from upper level

Shore line

Glamping tents the water

Inside tent

Sail boats so close to our tent

Great wind for sailing


Water and shore of Sydney Harbour so clean!

Hugs... our tradition for V Day! From USA


Sunset Valentine's Day

Ferry back to Circular Quay wharf, Sydney

Inside ferry

We went to Cookatoo Island on Tuesday afternoon. Cockatoo is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

In the morning we visited the old Mint Museum, and had a lovely tour with a knowledgeable docent tooking for something to do! Then we walked to the Sydney Museum. Although the exhibits were visually appealing, the layout did not make sense... so not impressed. Then we grabbed a sandwich across from Parliament and observed 2 demonstrations! One for low wages and one about being sorry? Turns out it was about Barnaby Joyce's sex scandal.

We have noticed how clean Sydney is... no trash anywhere! And the harbor is the same way. Impressive.

We took a taxi to the Ferry - wharf #5. We took a 20 minute ride and checked in at the visitor center. Our tent is 20 feet from the harbour... lots of boat traffic to watch. We got settled in and explored. We got 2 comfy cots with 2 nice pillows, and towels, shampoo, etc., and a battery powered lantern. Food is a problem if you do not bring your own, which we did not. The only restaurant closes at 5:00. So we got fish and chips, and a chicken sandwich for later. You cannot bring alcohol to the island... but each person can buy 1 bottle of wine, which we did.

It was very windy, even needed a swearer... lots of great sailing just feet from us! Read our books, enjoyed wine.

We slept very well! We exchanged Valentine's Day cards and Gary gave me our traditional Huggs candy he brought all the way from Kansas!!! What a sweetie!

Had breakfast at the cafe and took the audio tour of the lower part of the island... it was the ship building and repairing areas from WW1 thru the 1980s. Between 1839 and 1869, the island was a prison and housed hundreds of prisioners. That part was on the upper level of the island. The day was so hot that we only toured the ship building areas, then rested and read our books until 4:30.... time to order our fish and chips, beer and wine. The camp ground has a huge kitchen area so we were able to store dinner in the fridge and heat it up in the microwave. We could also charged phones.

We slept well although it was warm. Wind came up in late evening and cooled things off. We took the 2nd part of the audio tour in early morning Thursday and saw the prison area. Then we packed up, checked out and took the 10:30 ferry back to Sydney.

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