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the very delayed plane to GEO

dinner near the hotel

first beer in Georgrtown

Wow what a day it was, LOL My flight from PBM Paramaribo to GEO Georgetown was to leave at 11:15 AM and be a forty minute flight, I had booked a taxi to take me to the airport at 7:30 with the hotel, then yesterday evening was told by the the manager that the flight was delayed until 1:45 PM so the taxi would then pick me up at 9:30. So Could have a bit of breakfast at the hotel before going to the airport, great. The taxi driver was there at 9:30 off to the airport a hour drive, got there and there was a few people setting around also on the flight they had been told the a bird had hit the plane and it needed some repairs and the flight was then to leave at 5:00 PM. The check in counter opened at 3:00 PM so got my bag checked then off to security there they had a problem with some equipment so was another delay, no big deal as the plane was not to leave for another 2 hours. About 20 minutes they got the problem fixed so on through the checkpoint, and to the gate the plane was there and had been repaired good to go, right, not so fast by this time the crew were at the end of there time so they had to get another crew in for the plane, 5:00 PM came and went still no crew. By this time there was a another big jet came in from Holland and was to load out by 7:30 so with it loading we were push back until 8:15 PM making it 9 hours late. For a 40 minute flight could have driven there in half the time, LOL. because it was to be a short flight I Had booked a window seat to get some pictures, it was dark out before we took off so no pictures. It took long with the boarding time as part of the passengers were going on to Mamai and had to go through increased screening to board the plane. one of the passengers had slip through the additional screening and had got on board, when airline crew found that out he was removed to go through the security check and the plane had to be checked for anything he may have stashed, nothing was founded and he was allowed back on the plane. We were finally in the air at 8:30 making it a long day. Finally got to GEO airport at 9:15 had a one hour time change was was really only 8:390 though passport control got my bag then on to customs, out and got a taxi for the hour drive to Georgetown and to my hotel, what a dump it was above a gentleman's night club so were guest going to the rooms. most of the nights had booked it on and had said it was good for families LOL not. I spent the night there as it was raining and was late but found a new hotel next day, A great day to be in the books LOL. It is now 96 countries and counting.

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