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We were up early and off to Tucson, Arizona for 3 weeks. Its hard to leave this lovely place that we have grown so comfortable with, but we are off to visit friends, and that's a priority too!

Who knew that pulling out of the driveway would be hard? Here I am helping Spike back up, out onto the road, and there is no traffic, but there is this couple walking. Would you believe they couldn't even yield or stop for just a few seconds as we got the motorhome out and turned? I could not contain sarcastic side came out as I apologized for disturbing their walk. They said that was ok. They were totally clueless!

Anyway, we were underway before 0900, and Spike nicely navigated all the construction and traffic cones that lined the Foothills blvd. He said it was a test for old guys!

We had a few rattles and squeaks as the motorhome settled into the very bumpy Hiway 8. There was a bit of wind but the "comfort steer" feature kept it in check. We made a rest area stop for Miss Zoey and ended up pulling into the Davis Monahan Air force base at 1300. We are in the overflow lot, as there are no spots with Hook ups available, which we expected. So we are number 29 on the wait list, and they said we have a 4 to 5 day wait until we get hook ups. Anyway, it has been a happy reunion with old friends!

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