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It's so very easy and so very convenient to stay in the bubble that is our campground. The last two long bike rides we took, my bike kept shifting gears whether I wanted it to or not. Ken said that this sort of repair was above his pay grade, so I was stuck researching area bike shops. Since Tucson is a very bike friendly town, there were many choices, but it was hard to decide where to go. Then I looked at the campground calendar and noticed that a bike repairman was going to come to the campground today.

He arrived with a trailer fully stocked with all manner of bike paraphenalia and an assistant. By the time I rode my bike to the parking lot, a line had already formed. He assessed my problems and determined I needed a new chain and gear set. He was also appalled at a few other parts of my bike that were ailing due to my inattention and lack of maintenance. We settled on a tune-up which included the new chain and gears and a few hours later, I walked back to the lot and picked up my bike, which felt like the Lexus it used to be rather than the jalopy it had become. There was still a line at the repair trailer. The repairman said he has no "sticks and bricks" facility, but travels to his customers. It certainly worked for me!

Getting decent wi fi service has always been a challenge since we have begun to live for long periods of time in the RV. In olden times we were well served by our rooftop satellite dish, which we moved to three different rigs before it was ready to give up the ghost. Back then all we did was email and a bit of surfing. Recently we have used an ATT hotspot augmented by the data plans on our Verizon phones. In some areas of the country one service is stronger than the another. Until we arrived in AZ, the hotspot has been wonderful, so strong we were able to stream movies, the ultimate wi fi treat. We suspect that ATT would be more robust, if there weren't so many snowbirds like us here, trying to use it. Our campground supplies wifi, but they make it very clear that it is only for email and viewing web pages. Not good enough!

Since we will be here for two months, it seemed worth it to get the same local service people have in their homes around here. Half the park is mobile homes and we assume that most of them are hooked up independent of the campground services. It took five days for the technician to get here and when he arrived it was clear, that most temporary people like us do not connect to wifi as we requested. But here he was and Ken turned on his techie charm. After an hour his side of the bed was full of gizmos and wiring that was fed in through the window and we are ready to re-join the 21st century.

Next project: replacing the electric cook-top with induction. We ordered the cook-top today. UPS should bring it to our door on Friday. That project may take us out of the bubble to a hardware store. Stay tuned...

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