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Good lovely morning for a walk!!



Walking Trails everywhere!



Sun's out!

Headphones in and now time for a walk!


Here we go...

Or an easy run...

Look what David found, a free exercise 'machine'.

Checking it for scaly things


Nothing yet...



Nothing slithered out so it's good!



Yeah... I can't do the lift n flip so I'll just stick...

Doing a few jumping jacks

And some lunges

David using an old fence for some pull-ups

Always be aware of your surroundings, you never know what you'll find...

The "useless" Gym

The "anytime, anywhere, poor man's" Gym

Comes with a complete work out chart

See what sunshine can do to you. Until next time... Next stop......

Stardate: 1.1.2018

It’s currently New Year’s Day 2018 and I’ve just realized that due to my pure laziness, I’ve hardly written anything for the year 2017. That will all change in a moment, so strap yourselves in. Just know that what you are reading now will be all in the past, but I’m writing it in the future, until I catch you up on the present. So put your tinfoil hats and prepare to time travel.

Let’s begin…

I left you guys with my dismay of changing my morning routine from wallowing around the camper in my PJs with my morning lasting till mid-afternoon to David dragging me outside into the beautiful sunshine. Well guess what? It is amazing what a little sunshine can do to oneself. From that day of him getting me outside and getting a little bit of exercise, the wallowing went away, the crying stopped, and my mood got better as well as my body feeling better.

It was mid-January and it was about time for us to fill out Amazon applications again for the 2017 season. Even though Amazon will whip me into shape, starting Amazon in a not so great shape is a bad idea. So… it got me thinking. Get in shape BEFORE you go to Amazon that way the 10+miles of walking on concrete won’t feel so bad as well as all the squatting and lifting you’ll have to do when we go digging through drawers and bottom bins. That kind of thinking does wonders and changes you. Every morning, after a wee bit of coffee (to get my motor running) and a little bit of morning news, out the door we went into the cool desert.

Being in the desert, most people think of rocks and hills, a dune buggy’s paradise. While most of that is true, you’d be surprised how many local dirt roads make great walking trails for us. Some lead to houses and some meander to the mountains. The trail we liked was where all the “action” happened. Remember Deputy Dave and all his “evidence discoveries”, the “meth”, the abandoned car, the trash, well it’s safe to say we stayed safe and were always aware of our surroundings.

The trail is about two miles one way. I know, I know, but it was a start for me. I was super tired the first few times we went out but it got A LOT easier as time went on.

We’d walk all the way out to the corner and do some jumping jacks, lunges, and a few squats. It came natural for David but I moaned and groaned quite a bit before doing one. Since I haven’t worked out in years, it was a little painful but like I said, it got easier the more I stuck with it.

One super early morning, David went out before I got up, he must’ve felt I needed a break and let me sleep in. Believe or not, I was a little sad he went out without me. I had just finished getting dressed (to go for a walk) when he came back with a smile on his face. “C’mon, I’ve got something to show you”, he said. We walked our usual distance to his “findings”. He hands me a pair of gloves and says “You’ll need these”. Silly me, I asked why, and it was because David Gilbert found a tire. A TIRE!! An old worn out, bald headed front-end loader tire… in the desert! He checked it over to make sure a family of rattlers weren’t living in it or anything of the sort, and shockingly there wasn’t. He introduced it as my new work-out machine. He showed me many ways to use it, like pushing and rolling it around, spinning it while standing on one end, and also lifting and flipping it over. I did the pushing it and rolling it around and that was fun but the lift and flip thing wasn’t happening. He was able to lift it and flip it but not me, I stuck to rolling it around the desert, through small brushes as if it was a maze and smiled the whole time trying my best to keep it upright. WAIT!! WHAT?!?! Smiling and rolling a tire in the desert??? That sounds a little bit like upper body strengthening and exercise and I was smiling?? Yep! I was having a good ol’ time until David yelled SNAKE(!!!) and I stopped and screamed like a little girl. Thankfully there wasn’t a snake, he was testing my reflexes, but it was a funny learning moment. We stuck to this exercise routine every morning and finishing it off with a short workout in the park workout room.

Their machines are useless. The treadmill belt would slip every time your foot landed causing it to stop and you trip while moving forward. The exercise bike had no resistance. You were just moving your legs in a sitting position and getting nothing out of it. The imitation Bow-Flex broke the first time David tried it out. One of the resistance bars SNAPPED IN HALF from being old and brittle. Come to find out, they were given to the park and/or bought at a deal. The next time we went on one of our shopping trips, we bought some weights and just used those to workout with.

You’ll love this… Feeling confident, we decided to go for a walk and return some movies to the Redbox located, not too far, just a couple of miles down the road. It was nearing 4o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was out and the temperature was a comfortable 75degrees, so off we went. We walked the shoulder for quite a while. With me just starting to exercise all over again, I started with the “are we there yet” complaints. David kept telling me “we’re almost there, I can see the green roof with the red border of the gas station”. Well…. We got to a “green roof” and that wasn’t it! LOL... keep walking. GRRRR!!! About an hour had passed as well as all the buildings we thought was “it”. Two hours in, I was now super tired and we finally arrived at that gas station with the green roof and red border. YAY!! We returned the movies and began our walk back home. Since it took us around two hours to get there, it was going to take us another two hours to get back home, and the sun was going down. When the sun goes down in the desert, it gets cooler, too cool for two goofballs dressed in just shorts and t-shirts! Yeah…. and it got COLDER. The temperature had dropped so fast that we began to shiver and our teeth started to chatter. We got excited and quickly disappointed every time we approached what we thought were the lights from the rv park. CRAP! On the way back, we had no idea how cold it was but when we finally got back home, we saw that it was 65 in the camper and we checked our outdoor temperature gauge…. HOLY COW!! It said 46! We walked 6miles, one way, in 46degrees in shorts and tshirts!!! Word to the wise, it only took 15minutes roundtrip on a motorcycle LOL. Live and learn and never again.

The Amazon applications were filled out and sent off and I was feeling good, eating better, and smiling more. It was now mid-March. This time the year before, we were preparing to work for the Grand Canyon Association but we decided to take this summer off. Knowing that Amazon started around August, it was about time to start planning the trek back across country to Kentucky. I started scouting for camphosts positions along our route incorporating a short family visit in Texas. While on Facebook, I found a weekend bathroom cleaning job on one of my workamping sites at Fort Stockton RV Park in Fort Stockton, TX. It peeked my interest so I inquired. It was a free full hookup site, with Wi-Fi, and Cable TV (SCORE!) for only working 10hrs on the weekend cleaning bathrooms with possible pay if/when the regular housekeeping lady is out or goes on vacation (DOUBLE SCORE!). All we had to do was be there by April 10th (when the housekeeping lady goes on vacation). No problem! We got the job and said our temporary good-byes to the desert. We made the 881mi trek and got there by April 9th! WOO HOO!!!

P.S… As of this writing David has lost 20lbs, 3inches off his waist, and looks like he did when he was 21 (except for his grey beard LOL). And me? I used to be a ladies 16, now I’m a 12. I used to weigh 165, now I weigh 150 and feel great! I kept track of my measurements and saw it unfold but I’m still a work in progress.

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