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When we first spent quality time in Tucson in 2013, we kept hearing about how wonderful the Rincon West campground was. After a cursory visit, we decided to give it a try in 2014 and at that time it was the nicest winter campground we had ever enjoyed. We loved the activities, our fellow campers were our kind of people, and Tucson had many cultural events that got us to leave the comfortable campground bubble. When we contemplated returning again the following year, it was just so far from home. The drive out here had been challenging after the holidays and doing it again was not appealing.

And so we went to Florida and discovered The Great Outdoors in Titusville and the rest is history. Someone else is enjoying the site we bought there this winter, but we will be back. Because the motor home was waiting for us in Las Vegas, the drive here was easy. And now we are comparing TGO to RCW.

At RCW we are doing parking lot camping. The sites are neat with concrete pads and picnic tables, but we could almost join hands with our neighbors if we both stuck our hands out the window at the same time. At TGO we have the illusion of living in wildlife, surrounded by jungly vegetation. The public areas at RCW are green and lush with flowers. But the rest looks like the desert, which is where we are after all. At RCW we are parking in the "no pet" area; at TGO we were driven mad by barking dogs on both sides of our site. We are looking forward to the Monday bike rides here. Tucson has many off-road bike paths and the campground leadership plans a different route every week which gets us out the see the city. TGO is big and bike friendly, but it was dangerous to leave the campground and ride out on the highway. RCW is on the edge of a city big enough to offer any amenity we need - many grocery stores, cinemas, theaters. Ken lost a filling and we had our choice of twenty dentists within five miles of RCW in our dental plan. Titusville took a real hit when NASA trimmed its sails. As a one industry town, it nearly died and is working its way back to viability now that launches are occurring regularly once again. But grocery shopping is limited. Most movies we want to see are over thirty minutes away. Costco, Best Buy - drive an hour to Orlando. Tucson is not a huge city, so most things we do are require a short drive. We can play tennis, pickle ball, swim at either park. Golf is very conveniently on site at TGO, but not at RCW. TGO has two restaurants on the property; here we have to leave to escape my cooking or self cater from food trucks which are here nearly every day. Last time we were here I tried out the lapidary classes and made some pieces that are of wearable quality. TGO does not offer jewelry making. RCW has an immense model railroading area. This doesn't float our boat, but it's fun to watch the men who built it run the trains through multiple neighborhoods and recapture their childhoods. Until this year camping in AZ was significantly more economically than in FL, but this year, especially for the month of February, staying here's gotten close to FL fees.

We feel fortunate to have found two wonderful places to camp when we want to escape the winter. But we're always still looking....

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