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Welcome to Vegas!

In Sam's Town Casino. We camped here at a KOA

Insode the Luxor

Ricks Restorations

The boneyard and future projects at Ricks

Projects lined up waiting their turn for restoration

I even saw this old sewing machine there.

Frank Gehry designed this. A center for brain health and Alzheimers

Wild West Guns. ONly in Ls Vegas and Anchorage Alaska

Inside Wild West Guns

This deer has a lot of points or a lot of trash...

The kids have arrived!

Penny slots

Getting through registration for the mudder

Should the kids be worried?

Sclepping in the gear to pit area

Our runners Jesse Ryan and Allie and the Pit Crew

Becca did an amazing job as Pit Boss

An overview of the pit area

Assembled at the start

And they are off!

The first hour is a straight run. Many try to get a...

this part of the course is used during "night ops"

Part of the course, as the sun fades

Allie looking strong

Jesse enjoying himself

Ryan keeping pace

Day two, looking a little tired

This obstacle you climb up the underside then over the top and...

The cliff, leap into the water. Ryan at the top.

Jesse and Ryan swimming after jumoing the cliff

Heading to the finish line and fifty miles done!

Allie emerges after the cliff

Jesse and Ryan climbing out


After the course, waiting for the truck to come, Pretty quiet!

A quiet ride home too.

We came to Las Vegas to meet up with the kids. Jesse and Ryan and their friend Allie were in town for the World’s Toughest Mudder. We got there a couple of days early. One fun thing was being able to meet up with one of my quilting buddies from New Jersey. They were in town for a couple of nights. We had a short but nice visit. When we were walking around the shops in the Luxor where she was staying we even saw Pete Rose. He was in a window of a store where he was signing autogrpahs. He was between autographs though and apparently hungry. I have never seen anyone wolf a sandwich down so fast. It really was not a pretty sight. Poor Pete.

We took in a couple of tourist spots. We stopped in at some places from TV shows such as Ricks Restorations and Wild West Guns. Interesting. Also saw the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. It was way too crowded to stop though so we just peeked as we went by. Oh and a there may have been a quilt shop or two thrown in!

Thie World’s Toughest Mudder is just like the mudder they did in Seattle only longer. This is a 24 hour endurance course. In 24 hours, the runners have to do as many laps as they can. We came with the three kids to run and a whole lot of pit crew. We were part of the pit crew, plus Ryan’s wife Becca, Allie’s mom Ginny and all of Jesse’s roommates and a few extras. We had set up an easy up canopy for everyone to sit in when not on the course, and two tents for sleeping, just in case anyone was going to sleep. Mike and I went back to our camper for the night, just so we could bring breakfast for everyone in the morning. That plus we are old and need our comforts!

This is a five mile course with 20 obstacles on it. Some of these obstacles are only open at night and some in the daylight. Last year the kids we disappointed to only get 35 miles. This year they wanted at least 50. With 50 miles you are awarded a brown running bib that says 50 miles. Well it wasn’t always pretty, and they hurt, and they got tired but they made it. I was so proud! Still am!

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