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Our dearest fine feathered friends, the kukuckas (doves), woke us up around 6am with their incessant cooing. Oh my word, they were loud!

Slowly we awake and ate a leisurely breakfast, chatting with our hotel mates and deciding on today's agenda. Eventually we decide to walk towards the busier end of the beach. I asked Misslady how far it was to 'El Centro' and she just laughed at me. This is a surfing beach and has a collection of hostels, restaurants and a nice hotel or two, the beach and the surf, no such thing as a centre!

It is only 10:30am and the sun is unbearably hot except where a vacant lot allows the sea breeze to sweep through. We walked about 1/3 of the way and a lifesaver came by - a tricycle with two wheels in the front and seats for passengers. We hopped in and in 5 minutes, and less than $1 later we were at 'el Centro'. Not an overly appealing town, it is more of a collection of shacks housing restaurants, basic convenience stores and hostels. There is some new construction started however, no matter, the main attraction is the long expanse of empty beach and the lure of the surf.

We head to the restaurant/hostel El Barco de Oro, the turn around point for the yellow bus affectionately known as the 'chicken bus' that runs regularly to Leon. We decide to have a cold drink and a snack. Fero wants to try as many local dishes as he can so we opt for one that includes heavenly beans cooked with onions & peppers, hearty Central American made corn chips, and tostones (flattened deep fried plantains) topped with a delightful smoked light white cheese. Way more than a snack, we declared this as lunch!

For the balance of the day we lounged by the pool and designed the next week or so of our journey. We came with only one week of the four planned and I am happy we did. We have talked to many people and we may have missed some great areas if we would have pre-booked. We have booked one extra night here, and then will have two nights in Leon, followed by two nights in Granada and then off to the southern beaches of Nicaragua. Plans may change but that is what we have at the moment.

Dinner was at El Comedor de Bertha and consisted of a fish & a shrimp plate drowning in the best garlic sauce ever, salad, rice and a cold freshly squeezed Guayaba juice. YUM!

Waddling back to the hotel we relaxed with a nightcap of Flor de Cana 7year old rum - so smooth we sipped it as a liquor. Curious to try the 18 year old rum!

Buenos noches.

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