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Riding the tram up to the Getty


This is my favorite Monet

Painting done on wood panels

Prayer book

The Alchemist 1663

The woman's dress was the height of fashion in Florence around 1500...

Religious figures painted on wood panels

Titled-Villagers on their Way to Church

Actual size- calendar miniature from a book of hours

We got up this morning and met dad and mom downstairs in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. There wasn't anything planned and Bob and I wanted to see the Getty Museum. Mom was content to stay and read a book, but dad was interested in going along with us. We used an Uber for the first time and it was great ride and much cheaper than a taxi. I did not realize how massively big the Getty Museum was!! Incredible!! The stone used to build the museum was from a quarry in Rome and shipped over here. You could even see some fossils in them. I wouldn't know where to begin to tell you about it. It was so amazing! If any of you ever have the chance to see it, it so worth it, and free! We probably only saw maybe a third of the exhibits. We went especially to see the Renaissance and Impressionists paintings by Monet and Bellini (1453-1516). It is so cool to be up close to famous paintings and see the colors, shading, and brush strokes. Some of the well known paintings were done on wood panels, cloth and paper, but not until later, were they done on canvas. It was really worth the trip. Bob, his dad and I ate a light lunch outside on the terrace and enjoyed the warm sunshine. We were told that the fires got really close to the museum. And the highway below was closed off. From where we stood, you could look across the highway and see the black hills and charred homes that the fire destroyed. We were told that the homes were 6-10 million dollars and a 31 million dollar home burned up. In the late afternoon Bob and I got an Uber ride to Target to pick up some things for us and dad. We asked the concierge of a good steak place because dad didn't get his usual filet mignon on New Year's eve. We were told that "the Warehouse" was a good place for steaks. We were not disappointed. They had the best clam chowder, and I've had some good clam chowder in the past. I would have licked the bowl, if I could! Dad got his filet mignon, Bob got fish and chips, I got Mahi Mahi in macadamia sriracha sauce, and mom got a baked sweet potato. The biggest one I've ever seen! She maybe ate a third of it! I think they figured since she only had chowder and baked potato, they would give her the biggest one!! We got back to our rooms around 8:00 pm to pack our bags so they would be ready for pick up at 7:30 am. Tomorrow we are off to Barbara and Solvang.

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