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Jess’ mum and dad went home yesterday so traveller lifestyle starts now! 𯘬

Decided we’d go with the cheap option to get to Palolem in south Goa. This involved taking 3 public buses over 3/4 hours in 30+Degree heat with backpacks and bags all in tow. There’s no such thing as personal space in India and your squished next to everyone with sweat just dripping off you! But...it only cost us a pound for the whole journey Compared to £30 for a taxi!

We arrived and went straight for food so we could get wi-if and find somewhere to stay, decided to just wander round and ask about accommodation and with backpacks on sweating we managed to find a hut on the beach for £7 a night each. It was upstairs and felt like it might collapse, had a bed with no sheet, no shower head so was basically a hose with cold water and free wi-fi which they then changed the code for as soon as they had given it to us 𯘂

We went to the beach for the last couple of hours sun then came back and hosed our selves down in the “shower” wandered up for food and had candle lit dinner for two on the beach with 2x curry’s, 2x rotis and a garlic naan and a drink to share for about £6.85. Stole some toilet roll from their toilet so we didn’t have to buy any.

Walked around the town and spent at least half an hour looking for dragon fruit for breakfast at a price we thought was acceptable. Found dragon fruit and bought some cans of strong kingfisher then sat and played area all night on the balcony.

Looked at some more huts and arranged for 3 nights in another one 2 mins from where we are for 4.50 each! (It has bed sheets and a normal shower 𯘀) we move tomorrow morning.

3 days here then on to the sleeper bus for 9 hours to hampi 𯘬

First day in Palolem done ✅

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