Winter '18 Escape / Dec-2017 to Apr-2018 travel blog

Our only hike in the desert this year at White Tank

White Tank Mountains Regional Park

Holly found a good spot for a nap

Billy was working nearby and came for an overnight visit

Cactus League Opening Day in Peoria

On New Year's Day we drove the last 200 miles to get to Pueblo El Mirage RV Park, our final destination for the winter. The weather was 70 and sunny, and some our friends were already there. It was nice to meet up with people we knew.

PEM is just like we remembered it. It didn't take long to get into the rhythm of life in the park. We especially wanted to get back into the daily exercise routine since we haven't been able to do much since we left home.

Janet is jumping right into the daily sewing routine. She says she is giving up on the gym and doing aerobics and line dancing classes instead. Afterwards she spends the remainder of the day working on sewing projects, mostly quilts. This is nice because she has gained a whole new group of friends and now she has sewing friends and aerobics friends.

I also exercise, but I prefer gym for the elliptical cross trainer machine and some treadmill. I have some camper projects to get done, mostly maintenance and a few repairs. And I like to read. I do a lot of reading in the afternoons and at night.

We had a couple of problems with the camper that Mr Fixit was able to solve. He fixed the DirecTV dish antenna and replaced the regular TV antenna which bit the dust on a bridge when we forgot to lower it before leaving Benson, AZ. The stairs were wacky with a BIG top step, and he and Alan raised them up so that all 3 steps made an even rise of 9 inches. And best of all, he was able to find and fix a gas leak in the shower drain pipe that has been an occasional problem for more than 2 years, leaking smelly gas from the gray tank. Mr Fixit's other projects include washing and waxing the camper, UV treatment for the roof, further mouse proofing by sealing holes that hoses and cables pass through, and evaluating the 4 tires on the camper for the ride home. We are still worried about our refrigerator operation in hot weather and on propane, so he installed a new fan to help exhaust hot air from the top rear fridge vent and a new thermostat for the built-in fan to operate at lower temps, which should boost it's cooling abilities.

We took one hike in the desert this year. Just one, I guess because we have been busy with other stuff. It was also COLD in February, for almost the whole month.

I have been volunteering at the ballpark, taking tickets at the gate again. This is my 3rd year doing this job and 4th year volunteering, and maybe next year I'll do something different.

In March we started thinking about the trip home, so Janet planned the trip and John made the reservations. We are missing our grandchildren. Claire has lots of things going on and is missing her Nanna, and Henry is taking his first steps and getting cuter every day.

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