Rose Parade & Panama Canal Cruise 2018 travel blog

One of Bob's favorite western actors, Rory Calhoun

Bond, James Bond

Make my day.


In front of Chinese Theatre, 68 years together!

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Olvera Street vendors

A mother and her daughter's dressed up for New Year festivities



Today was a full day of seeing the sights in LA. Being early on a Sunday morning, most of the high end shops down Beverly Hills drive were not open yet, but just looking was enough. We got to see the Hollywood walk of fame and the Dolby Theatre where all the stars come out and walk down the red carpet for the Oscars. It was so crowded and really hard to get pictures at times but I can say that I've been there, done that! Our tour guide and bus then took us to what they call a Farmer's Market. Years ago people would sell fresh fruits and vegetables, but they moved out and food venders moved in. There were rows and rows of all kinds of food vendors with all kinds of ethnic foods, sweets, meats, treats. The lines were long and while Bob and grandpa and grandma tried to find something to eat, I dashed across the street to Whole Foods for snacks to have at Rose Bowl Parade. I also bought a sweatshirt since I didn't pack but 2 long sleeve shirts and tomorrow when the parade starts they say it will be chilly and overcast. It was so hectic at the Farmers Market and time was short that Bob and grandpa and grandma shared a big plate of fries at a bbq place. Just minutes after we got on the bus grandpa realized he left his phone at the restaurant. Bob jumped up and ran back to the restaurant to retrieve it and I have never seen him move so fast! He saved the day for grandpa. We didn't get to go inside the Disney Concert Hall but the outside was impressive. When it was built, it was made of shiny metal on the outside. Because it was so shiny, it reflected the sun and caused a lot of people to have accidents in front of it with the glare and the heat was more intense in that area. So they had to go back and buffer it all down to a dull finish. It is the home of the Philharmonic Orchestra. Our last stop was Olvera Street, the birth place of Los Angeles. There was all kinds of Mexican American vendor booths, restaurants and live music. It was fun to stroll down the vendor booths and see all the bright happy colors. We made it back to the hotel around 4:00 pm and rested a bit before going down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. It is grandpa and grandma's 68th anniversary and early in the day we all thought that we'd go somewhere nice to eat. But a meal at the hotel was more convenient and made for an early night to turn in because we have to be up at 4:30 and ready for the bus arrival at 5:30!! So to everyone, Happy New Year, all our love.

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