Rose Parade & Panama Canal Cruise 2018 travel blog

Bob beside the Reagan presidential seal

Getting ready to board Air Force One

My fellow Americans!

A piece of the Berlin Wall

Watching volunteers work frantically to finish the floats.

The Gift of Time float under construction


We started our day with a trip to the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum 45 minutes from downtown LA. I always thought a presidential library would have a ton of books being called a library. But presidential libraries are not libraries in the usual sense. They are archives and museums, preserving the written record and physical history of our presidents. The Reagan Library is over 100,000 square feet in 24 different galleries. We saw memorabilia of Reagan's growing up years, family history, his different careers before getting into politics. We got to board the actual Air Force One that served Reagan & six other presidents. One of the first major pieces of the Berlin Wall is displayed inside and outside of the library. Behind the museum among a beautiful garden is where President Reagan and his wife Nancy are buried. There was also a gallery of artifacts from the Titanic. We enjoyed a light lunch under Air Force One. We were back at our hotel for a couple hours then boarded the bus again for a private evening presentation of the tournament committee with dinner and access to the float barn to watch floats in the making for the Rose Bowl parade. Flowers are shipped from all over the United States for the making of the floats and it is strictly all volunteer. My favorite was the Gift of Time float. It delivers the message of organ, eye, and tissue donation. The Aztec calendar in the middle of float is decorated with sesame seeds, caraway seeds and ground walnut shell. The faces of individuals on the Aztec Calendar, are of individuals that gave their organs in death and the people that ride the float on the day of parade are the ones that received them. Pretty awesome! The day was beautiful and sunny but I still had a light sweater on the entire time and the evening got pretty chilly from the ocean air. There were parts of Pasadena that was just gorgeous and just like every American city, there is also some not so pretty. Tomorrow, we tour LA, Hollywood, Chinese Theatre Dolby Theatre , & Hollywood walk of Fame and Farmers Market. Glad I brought my good walking shoes! Just wished I would have remembered my Fitbit! Please note: the pictures are small but if you double click on them, they should get bigger!

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