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24 hours in weather is a long time in Melbourne. We set off on a cool but sunny walk for about 15 minutes to catch the #11 Tram into town. We had our cards to touch on and off the trams. It took about 30 minutes into town where we could see stacks of people walking over to the MCG for the test match. We then changed to #96 Tram to St Kilda and it was standing room only- thank goodness most got of at the Casino stop. We arrived early so had a look at the famous St Kilda beach before grabbing something to eat at McDonalds across from Luna Park.

When it opened we lucky to go on a number of rides before the crowds started coming in after lunch. The 105 year old roller coaster was bumpy but we went on it twice as to the log ride (Pirates Revenge). We tried out most of the rides - it was a bit of a trip down memory lane for mum and dad. It was good to see Brenton go with Keagan on the Enterprise twice and the Spider.

All in all we had a great day there and by the time we left there was a lot of people just coming in. We retraced out trams back to the van park. Mum and Dad went to Woolies down the road to do some shopping and where they returned we helped Mum do the washing before having home made pizzas for tea.

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