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A whole shop filled with wheels, near Melrose's home.

Not a good shot, but love all the angles of the steel...

Winnie, Iona and Liao.

Denise, Qianqian, Gary, Jing and her son.

Jane, Melrose and myself.

Jane, Melrose, myself, Denise and Qianqian.

All of us, excepting for Gary, who took the photo for us....

Near Melrose's house, there are a lot of small industrial type shops, some constructing stainless steel window rails, and others selling rather unusually specific items. For instance, one shop that sells many, many size and style of castors. All sorts of them. And another shop selling varied profiles of lengths of steel. Sadly, my photo is not very clear but it does show the variety of shapes.

While we were having coffee at Melrose's house, she talked about the possibility of taking Hugo to stay at her house, until Peter gets back to Zhaoqing. We are both not too keen on him spending weeks in a pet shop, which would probably mean being caged. So I sent a message to Peter to see what he thinks. It seems like a viable option for Hugo, although Melrose has a balcony where he will have to live. She does not want his excessive hair dropping to impact on her tidy house. I don't blame her. Not sure if it is because he is unsettled, or what it is, but his hair drops out by the bucketload. And I had not hear back from Shane yet, about collecting him, and getting him into the pet shop.

So,it is settled. She will collect Hugo after dinner, and take him to her house.

We got a bus back into the city, and to Kangle Beilu. As we walked to the restaurant, w met Jane also approaching, and she walked with us. When we arrived, Denise, Gary, Qianqian, and Denise's friend Jing and her son were already there. And very soon, in rocked Winnie, Liao and Iona. We had a lovely dinner, and the kids all got on well. I think the owner's 6 year old daughter enjoyed having some company.

As we left, Jane offered to drive Melrose and Hugo to her house, so that made life a lot easier for her. We went up to the apartment, and collected his bed, food, harness, etc, and got him down to Jane's car. He was not too happy to be leaving without me, and he cried as they left!! Poor guy, he does not know what is going on.

Gary and Denise drove me home to the medical college. It had been a nice dinner, and an informal way to spend Xmas evening!

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