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Another cool day as we set off to look at the imposing Arch of Victory and its 22 km of trees planted to honour the fallen. It was next door to a large lake in the town which houses the rowing for the 1956 Olympic Games. Lovely parks surrounding the lake. We then headed out of town towards Melbourne to Kryal Castle - a 1970's medieval 'theme park' on the edge of town. Had a lovely day there looking at the torture chamber, knights and horses. The boys enjoyed the archery and 'hitting each other over the head'! Mum and Dad gave up on the maze - the boys persevered and did it. Dad like the medieval play and theatre but no one else did - they thought it was stupid.

Left with an annoying southerly blowing as we made our way into Melbourne along the Western Freeway (2 lanes all the way). The caravan park is only about 8kms from the centre and was easy to find. There is a tram that takes you all the way into the city only a few minutes walk away.

The wind was still blowing as we set up and gee was it cold!! Brenton played cricket with some other kids out near the playground - it was good to see.

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