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Our safari vehicle

Chalet view of the Mara




Picnic lunch on a game drive


Visit to the Masai tribe


Wildlife and cows mingle together

We had 3 nights at Maasai Mara and yet it felt like only a few hours (that means we enjoyed it a lot) but it was the most amazing experience. We saw plenty of common animals along with a bunch that we have never heard of. Our lodge (Mara West) had the most amazing view from our chalet and very comfortable beds. We had very enjoyable game drives in a vehicle with a roof that we could stick our heads out of and feel the wind in our hair as we sailed through herds and herds of animals (and cattle) on the open plains of the famous Maasai Mara.

Also managed a visit to a Maasai village. They are a large tribe, pastoralists inhabiting tracts of land in both Kenya and Tanzania. As most folk know, their cattle are their currency, their only valuable possession and in fact their God. In the words of Anthony our Mara Guide “If I knock one of their cattle I drive away fast for they will kill me”. They dogmatically cling to old traditions, flouting land ownership laws at will as they believe that all land is available for grazing of their cattle.

Didn’t get to sample any blood but they did try and take some of ours when they decided $130 was a fair price for a couple of necklaces, a key ring and a knobkerrie.

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