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5.30am Wongwian Yai Station - first leg of Maeklong Train Market journey

Wongwian Yai Station, setting up her food cart.

Wongwian Yai Station selling breakfast eggs


Ultramodern train controls. Obvioulsy the driver was at the other end.

Awnings going back down after the train has passed, Maeklong Train Market

On the train coming into Maeklong Train Market

Some of our exercise group from the park on a Sunday excursion...

Snap happy Thais! Our morning exercise group at the park, Bangkok

A whole Peking duck, fruit, crackling pork, mangoes, fresh noodles and spices...

King Bhumibol Adulyadej's (the former King) cremation site, outside the King's Palace,...

Christmas dinner - fresh frogs with entrails.....yum!

Happy boys on yet another exploratory journey, Bangkok.

Six weeks have flown by – again won’t bore you with all the details – suffice to say we’ve visited every market either floating, temporary, permanent, open-air or undercover by bus, ferry, taxi, train, canal boat or elephant selling everything from fruit and vegetables to spliced raw frog and live snakes. Must mention the Maeklong Railway Market though, via 5.30am taxi, train, ferry another train with lots of walking in between taking about 2.5 hours to get there (70km outside Bangkok). Both train trips were fantastic (fare: 35c each), rattling through salt pans, small villages, fish farms and forests. The market itself has the train line running through the centre therefore when the train arrives and leaves (8 times a day) the stall holders have to pull in their awnings, wait for the train to slowly pass, tooting madly, just centimetres from touching stall holders and buyers alike then flick them back into position as it passes. Has to be seen to be believed. Kim took a video of Peter with his hat brim actually TOUCHING the train with me having a minor heart attack watching. The train line part was packed with tourists, mostly Chinese and Korean (as far as we could make out) but we explored the back part as well which was much more authentic.

The pace picked up when Kim arrived 4 weeks ago in an effort to show him anything of any interest whatsoever within 100 kms of Bangkok – thanks to Peter we are all now on the verge of collapse and welcome Christmas Day because we can have a sleep in! No....wait a minute......bloody exercise classes at 7.30am as the Thai's don't really celebrate Christmas. Bugger.

Hope everyone has a good day, Happy Christmas to you all. We’ve planned an all-you-can-eat Chinese yum cha at Novotel Siam Square in the city.

PS Lied about the elephant.

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