Wendy & Gerry's South African Road Trip 2017/18 travel blog

Masked weaver

Ele having his lunch, minding his own business.

until we arrived and disturbed him..

which needless to say he didn't take kindly to...

and he decided to pick on me!

Too close for comfort!!!

Satisfied he had warned me off he continued on his way. Phew!!!

Early morning coffee...cheers!

View of African plains in Hluhluwe.

Woodland Kingfisher

Male pied Kingfisher juggling his dinner whilst his Mrs waits expectantly for...

But he ain't sharing with anyone!!

Steppe Buzzard

Locals helping to keep St Lucia clean!

The Madagascan olive bee eater.

St Lucia beach

"The beach is all mine"

White rhino at Mkuze wetland reserve

Two heads are better than one!

Marshall Eagle as previously mentioned.

Southern red bishop

Off down to the local for a gallon!

We had seven days in Hluhluwe (pronounced Schluhluwe) a lot of the places in KWZ seem to be pronounced differently to how they are spelt, something to do with the tribal Zulu language of old. Which brings me on to why it gas taken me so long to send the first update....think the technology here has just recently moved on from drums!!!

That said, KWAZULU NATAL is a crossroad of cultures where ancient meets modern and the splendour of the nature takes your breath away. The landscape constantly changes with many game reserves and parks. We visited a few of them in the week and some of the scenery and animals we saw are attached.

We had many highlights this week, too many to mention them all, but one that stands out is our very close encounter with a very large bull elephant. We were in Hluhluwe National Park and I was driving... We saw the elephant on the right hand side of the road eating, there was a safari vehicle right up close but I stayed on the left...fat lot of good that did me!!! He started to meander towards me and got closer and closer until I could quite literally feel his breath on me, to say I panicked is an understatement but we live to tell the tale and Gerry was busy snapping pics whilst I was busy panicking, the photos hopefully capture the moment!

Another highlight was when we were in iSimangaliso wetland park, we saw a Marshall Eagle, for those of you not familiar, these birds are the size of a small child and pluck small antelope from the ground with their huge talons. Gerry got some amazing pics but we are having problems uploading all our photos at the moment, hopefully be better when we get to Kruger.

We have had a mixture of weather here, a lot of cloud, torrential rain with a bit of Sun, but still warmer than the UK, around 30 degrees most days!

Next stop Swaziland!

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