India with Judson 2017 travel blog

Barking deer

Leopard paw prints or small tiger

Termite home

Ram Ganga River with fish called Golden Mahasya

Full on head cold for me now! Not fun. Sleep deprived so took a NyQuil from the bottom of my bag at 3:40 am knowing our wake-up call was coming at 5:15. Off on another safari, this time to the Durga Devi area, in the cold, and dark, over rutted roads in a semi-conscious state. En route we saw more Sambar deer, lots of barking deer, and although it was pitch black we could see huge trees swaying and hear branches being broken by some elephants.

The trip went down forever to the RamGanga River which created swaths of cold mist rolling over us. Eventually we came across either leopard paw prints or a baby tiger's prints. Again with the three types of deer, more languar monkeys, some macaque monkeys, and a couple of birds. Lots of termite mounds three to seven feet tall in both areas that we went, over the two days. Frozen popsicle people by the end, and no major sitings.

Back at the hotel over breakfast an Indian man approached to see which country we were from and to see if we had seen a tiger -- like he had seen yesterday afternoon by the water hole where we had waited for an hour without success. He showed us his beautiful photos on his cell phone, making Jud slightly envious.

Back to the room and directly to bed for me. Brian and Jud tried to go fishing, but each time they arrived at the supposedly designated spot, it was always another 16 kilometres. My chills, fevered brow, and sore throat sent me to sleep for a whole hour, before the men returned full of stories about frustratingly amusing incompetencies.

Jud's goal today is to find us a different restaurant for dinner.

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