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Almost gone. New boot required

Curves, curves and more curves.

Finally sunshine at wake up and so we left quickly not to waste such beauty, missed badly in the last days.

We left Tallangatta and it’s beautiful lake, following a nice green valley full of paddocks and farm. The air was really fresh and despite the layers underneath the jacket, was still feeling the cold touch.

We reached Mount Beauty to refill and we stop for some warm cappuccino to help warming up; by then was 14 degrees.

I planned to go through Falls Creek and down to Omeo, but engaged n the conversation with the very friendly and gentle bar owner, that suggested s to go through the Tawonga Gap, Bright and the Great Alpine Road. He start describing each single curve up there, making evident he was there few times in a bike. Have to admit, even my friend Natasha suggested me to go through there when I first ask to draw a path.

I wear another fleece under the jacket an off we went.

OMG! What a road. The sun was still up and the tarmac was beautifully dry and grippy. With my already gone rear tire, was just too much fun. The grip was good, but if you were opening on hi revs coming out of the curves, you could enjoy a well known feeling, given by the thin edge touching the ground.have explain Alberto that every twisty road has its own frequency that you have to decode, understand to have good fun. You can go up and down changing hundreds gears and giving an hard time to the breaks, but that attitude is better suited to a track, cause on a road, the first cock up and you may end up not being able to tell, even considering the log trucks coming on the opposite direction. But if you find the frequency and you time to that, you’ll find one gear and one speed you’ll be able to do anything, specially with these one/two cylinders bikes. You’ll just need to go down one gear only if it’s really tight, to go back to the preferred one.

This was a 3rd gear and 60km/h climb and descent. The feeling the boxer is giving you, when from 2000/2500 rpm is taking you out of a curve, while you are almost horizontal, that rude vibration and the trust that is giving you on the back through the single arm, is an exceptional feeling. Really teaches the edge of the tires.

Down to Bright, the Great Alpine Road runs flat along the river down in the valley till Harrietville, the A’s you leave the village, the firs slope, the fiat bend and lots of signs, warning you of truck presence, of sharp bends and how many life’s have been lost there, specially on motorbike. A touch to the wooden spheres downstairs, just a superstitious gesture, down one gear, down the bike, throttle on and the first bend was done! The road was climbing beautifully in total lack of straight pieces, in a luscious forest, full of nice vegetation and fresh fragrances.

Was still cold, but those feelings were totally gone, replaced by the fun driven by the adrenaline.

The sun was quickly disappearing, kept away by the vegetation and a misty fog that start surrounding us till became solid as we reached the ridge. The tarmac was then quite humid, but the grip was still there; just the visibility at times had us slowing down quite a lot. Was cold and the humidity in the saturated air was amplifying that feeling.

At the Hiram Alpine Resort the fog was solid and a luminous thermometer told us the temperature was 4.8 degrees!

Coming down the process reversed; the fog start opening, the temperature start increasing and we eventually got some short rain. At Omeo there was not even fuel, we found some 70km further down and with the last fast curves we reached Bairnsdale, where we stop for lunch and to remove some clothes, as was much warmer down there.

Was just before 14:00 that we decided to cover the 280km to Melbourne.

It took a more than expected since as we reached the skirt of the city the traffic went crazy. Still stop. It took us 1:45 hours to reach our accommodation in the city Centre. Sorted the bike in a garage, we had a shower and we went to say hallo to Chloe at the Young & Jackson place opposite Federation Square.

Melbourne is always a pleasure.

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