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Garland seller

Damaged dog seeking refuge by Shiva Lingham

Stupa at Sarnath

Building an elevator in our hotel out of bamboo

Rose, you sent us on an adventure! After dinner, we were taken to an essential oils place down the darkened maze, and lo and behold, we ended up in the cow place that Jud was at last night. The cow section takes up 90% of the floor space and off to one side is a specialty shop for essential oils.

The 'old' marigold flower (good for happiness and serenity) was $60 for a tiny vial, so you're getting 'newer' marigold flower which you can age in the bottle. By the time I see you, it will be old marigold flower.

Jud and I shared some lemon oil for purification, and Jud bought Brian some kudum oil, which is a fruit that Krishna eats, and good for positive attitude, love, and prosperity!!

Our last night in Veranasi so a bit more shopping near the main Ghat. Finally, some silk for Ann Novack, and more cotton in green if someone can tell her.

If anyone wants something, now is the time to tell me, as we only have one week left, and most of that will be in the countryside rather than main shopping areas.

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