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Ohori-koen Japanese Garden opened 1984

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

Rest area

Hidden water feature

A Great Egret, one of many species of birds in the park.

What do you suppose the smartphone message is?

Entry to Yusentei teahouse, established 1754

Ohiroma Hall, constructed for the formal life of a samurai

Girls chatting on the moon view balcony



Leaving Yusentei

Tenjin Fri 1st Dec. 7-10°C, cloudy/sunny

Chilly outside, late breakfast in Tenjin Chikagai, then to the Kuko line subway. Trains were delayed five minutes by the missile drills, officials with loudhailers were everywhere to assure people that it was a drill only. Thanks, rocket man. Living with the constant threat of volcanos, earthquakes and tsunamis just isn’t enough to worry about.

Travelled two stops to Ohori-koen station, the nearest stop to Ohori Park. A wonderful public space with gardens, a large lake, separate jogging and cycling paths and more. Walked along the tree lined causeway across the middle of the lake, the sky was overcast and a chill wind was blowing, but it was still a great place to be. A lot of bird life can be seen, great egrets, birds of prey, cormorants, water fowl.

Walked around to the Japanese garden, ¥190 entry. Beautiful garden, with many viewpoints and hidden paths. You have to explore every path fully or miss some wonderful hidden features. Not far from the entry, a path leads slightly upwards through the trees to a lovely small circular route with stepping stones and little bridges that cross a meandering stream that cannot be seen from the main path.

Towards the rear of the garden, stepping stones lead up to a ridge with small seats that offer the best views. Great to sit a while and contemplate.

Then out of the chill wind into the warmth of the eco Starbucks for a coffee and cinnamon roll while looking out at the lake.

Took the no.12 bus from Tenjin Kyowa Bldg-mae (10) to Yusentei, for a stroll in the small but pretty Yusentei Garden, originally built in 1754. Very nice tea room that has a verandah overlooking the garden. The koyo was about a week past its peak, but pretty nonetheless.

Met Mel at Taito Games Arcade, she had a go at driving a suburban train in a very realistic simulator - no comment from me, then we went to a purikura photo booth for some pretty pikkies. Mel had lots left on her suica card, so she spent ¥500 at one of the many crane machines for six tries to lift out a huge hedgehog plushie. "You'll never get that", says the bearded one.

First go! Big lift, out tumbles a plush hedgehog the size of a wombat! An attendant transferred the remaining value to another machine of her choice. Didn't get any more prizes, just as well as there wasn’t any room to take more home.

Finished with a nice tempura teishoku meal, I had five types of fish and three veg, Mel had shrimp and veg. Great meal.

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