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Part of Tenjin Chikagai close to our hotel

It's a large underground complex, as can be seen by this map.

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Tenjin Thurs 30th Nov. 11-17°C, raining.

Cold and wet outside, went down into the warm atmosphere of Tenjin Chikagai, a huge, stylish underground complex stretching for 600 metres north to south of downtown Tenjin. It has two long parallel main streets connected by several cross streets, with connections to two subways, Nishitetsu Railway, Tenjin bus station, and all of the surrounding buildings at below ground level. You can navigate a lot of Tenjin without surfacing, great in poor weather. Lots of stylish cafes and shopping.

Filter coffee, crisp salad, a croque madame (monsieur with egg on top) and croissant at Vie de France. ¥900. Then back to a cosy hotel room to spend a lazy, rainy day, watching TV, occasionally ducking out to get some treats at Family Mart.

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