Japan Northern Kyushu 2017 travel blog

Ricotta hotcakes with banana, honeycomb butter and maple syrup.

Satisfied hotcake consumer

Fukuoka Wed 29th Nov. 14-17°C, rainy/cloudy.

Took Mel to Bill’s for breakfast, we both had the ricotta hotcakes. I salivated in anticipation for every step of the 800 metres from our hotel. Mel doesn’t like her photo published online, which is just as well as I don’t think I could fit her smile on the page.

Went to Yodobashi Camera in Hakata, the camera section was pretty big, with a lot of brands, but cameras are only a small part of their business, there are floors of other electrical goods, also some apparel sections, and a restaurant floor.

We went to the top of Hakata Station for a view, and then did some shopping on the floors below.

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