Alberto & Marco motorbike trip Perth to Sydney 2017 travel blog



Weather forecast were not good and at wake up sky was overcast, with light rain.

We took it easy not sure what to do. Sydney was given with 80% chance of rain, up in the Blue Mountains was only 40%. We decided to pack and move on.

Is incredible how much relaxation you can get when hosted by good friends and how difficult is to leave a familiar place to get back on the elements.

Eventually we left quite late and luckily with no rain. We drove out of Sydney suburbs, heading east. Soon we start climbing on a spectacular road: perfect tarmac and great uphill curves. Was just too much fun, but didn’t last much, rain start pouring and we found shelter under few trees, to wear all rain covers. By the time we were ready the big pour was over, but roads were all wet so resume the drive all protected. The road was going up and soon wet fog was all around us. Scenery up there must have been stunning, but in those conditions there was not much to see.

We reached Lithgow where we stop for lunch and refuel.

We left soon after pointing south and we start following the itinerary I had prepared zooming into maps and finding best funny roads. They were fantastic. Up and down and twisting through the valleys, small road, wide roads, goos tarmac and bad tarmac… a mix of everything, but nice and fun.

The weather was wet, with fog in certain areas and good visibility in other. Couple of times it drips some water, but never enough to annoy.

The rain start falling quite heavily in the last 50km to Canberra and accompany us till we found an accommodation, but a warm shower and a meal have mended all the wounds, leaving just the good memory of those fantastic twisted roads we went through. More to come.

Weather forecast are still quite bad for tomorrow, let’s hope I some major change overnight, otherwise we’ll start moving into the mountains, to stop when we will have enough.

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