Alberto & Marco motorbike trip Perth to Sydney 2017 travel blog

Right there

A well deserved day of rest.

We have been welcomed by out good friends Jenny and David in Sydney. They sheltered us yesterday on our wet arrival, offering a warm welcome, a warm shower, a comfortable bed, great food and drinks, along with the best friendship.

On our arrival yesterday we removed all wet clothes and left them in the garage. This morning as I woke up the sun was shining, so I put out all the still soaked gears around their tennis court.

Squeezing the gloves, water was still dripping out and the newspaper I put inside the boots was already completely wet.

Even the tools and cables inside the little leather tail box were completely soaked. So all was left outside to dry out and David took me quite far away, into one warehouse (MACS) selling everything a biker may need in life, to shop for some “fix up” to our gears, to improve out water invincibility, that yesterday showed its limits.

I bought two sets of gloves and boots waterproof protection and a waterproof bag to put around my tank bag, as water got in too easily. Luckily I wrapped the cameras in plastic bags and they were dispensed from being put under the sun today.

Back home they organised a fantastic meal, that we enjoyed under the veranda.

In the afternoon we took the bike and we went for a ride around the city centre. We drove over the famous bridge and we ended up at the Rocks, to enjoy the view of one of the best spot in the world, where we took a good pictures around the Opera House, the bridge and other great Sydney landmark. A big cruise ship was berthed in the harbor and while we were there she took out, providing us with the great look of this giant, maneuvering in such a small (for her) space.

We drove once more on the bridge to go back home and the day was concluded with a nice dinner in a great restaurant, where we enjoyed fantastic meat with couple of exceptionally good bottles of red wine.

Tomorrow we will resume the trip. Forecast are not he best, but even today they were giving showers and didn’t rain.

The plan is to drive up to the Blue Mountains, enjoy the roads and the scenery and reach wherever we want. We have two plus week to drive back to Perth now and we want to take the best of it.

If as we will wake up will be raining, we may delay out departure. No rush and no commitment, we just need to enjoy now.

Let’s hope in some good sunshine to accompany us through this amazing part of this amazing country.

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