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We haven't heard from Sheeja in a couple of days, and then got word from Sharon and Babu that flooding was occurring around his home near Neyyar Dam, 25 minutes from her place. Today's newspaper says a cyclone is hitting southern Kerala where we were, and in Kannyakumari people are being evacuated by the army, navy, and Air Force. 3,000 power poles have been toppled and 500 trees uprooted. 8 people killed, 4 in Kerala, and 4 in Kannyakumari which is in Tamil Nadu state. I sure hope the house we bought holds up for Sheeja, who has her mother, sister and nephew staying there while her sister recuperates from her surgery and hospital stay.

The Lakshadweep Archipelago off the coast, which is just a few feet above sea level, is expected to be hit by the cyclone on Dec. 2nd, tomorrow.

Looks like we were very lucky to have missed all the chaos, not be missing flights, and be enjoying the relaxation of Goa. We have run out of November days, and fly tonight at midnight to Delhi and on to Varanasi (also known as Benares), the holy city on the Ganges.

Seems to me the President of India is on some kind of spiritual quest. Since leaving the ashram in Ranchi, he has been to the birthplace of Rabindranath Tagore, the home of Chandra Bose (those of you who have read Autobiography of a Yogi know of whom I speak), the Ramakrishna Math in Kolkata (Calcutta), and Vivekenanda's Temple in Dakshineshwar, across the Ganges from the YSS/SRF Ashram. He seems to be an interesting President.

As mentioned before, Vivekenanda was the first Indian swami to venture to North America. He taught the Vedanta in the United States from 1893 to 1896, when he set up his first mission, and returned to India, after speaking at the Congress of Spiritual Leaders (I believe it was held in Chicago). Yogananda was guest speaker at the same Congress in the 192O's. And recently the president and/or representatives of SRF have been asked to speak.

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