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Jacarandas in full glory

Time for supper

Sunday12th November 2017

Left for Heathrow, celebrated the start of the Big Trip with a glass of champagne and started on long flight to Perth via Dubai with Emirates. We were met by Peter - lovely to see him (even though he soon departed for a night shift) and went to our Air bnb apartment, relieved to find it was was modern, cheap and cheerful.

Tueday 14th

Met Peter for a great Aussie breakfast. He went off to sleep before his next night shift and we ent into Perth city. It's Beautiful city,a modern centre with tributaries of the Swan providing lovely walkways and a newly opened quayside area. We were thwarted from seeing exhibitions we had planned at both th national museum and the art gallery as both were closed. We made our way by local bus to Kings Park, which is the most magnificent place, with areas devoted to different types of vegetation in the different parts of Australia. The highlight was the sight of some forest tailed black parakeets. They were in the Eucalyptus trees, shelling the nuts and dropping the husks onto the cars below. Magic! It was hot and we were totally exhausted, returning to the apartment by bus and train for an early night.

Wednesday 15th

Peter came to collect us straight from night shift and we went to Cottesloe beach. Had a bracing swim in the surprisingly cold sea and then went for breakfast at a beach cafe, which was a favourite of mine from a previous visit. We were too late for breakfast so made do with Coffee. Jane and I went on to Freemantle whilst Peter, exhausted, went home to sleep before the next gruelling night shift. We went to two local markets to find they were both closed but managed a lovely lunch and some shopping to set us up for impemding Cape to Cape walk. Peter joined us at home later after his sleep and before his nightshift.


The day began with a leisurely morning walk into the city along the river and lunch with Peter. We then went to view the outside of possible apartments for Peter to rent as he is moving from his current place and he delegated the task of viewing them to Jane and I as his working hours made this impossible for him.


We spent the morning looking with Peter at some more fairly dire properties for Peter and then we all went off together to Peppermint

Grove where Peter met with Africans and Jane and I went to meet Judie an Mike. Judie is a school friend of mine, a friendship dating from when we were four years of age. Mike is a newer friend from the time we were teenagers! We are all walking the Cape to Caper walk together from Monday, taking five days to cover 60 kilometres, including a rest day. We stayed until it was time to view our last property at 4 o’clock. We returned home, meeting up with Peter in the evening for a walk along the river at East Perth, where we found a very lovely inlet where we stopped for a drink and some food.


Got up early to view a property and had a very hectic day between viewing other properties at unrealistic intervals from each other, to visit to the Apple shop where Ja Apple shop to sort out phones; the viewing of three houses/apartments as possibilities for Peter to re Apple shop to sort out phones; the viewing of three houses/apartments as possibilities for Peter to rent, as he is moving from his current shared house; a presentation in the evening by Brian Cox. I understood about 10% of it but that 10% was really enlightening about the origins and future of the universe. that 10% was really enlightening about the origins and future of the universe. ne bought a new iPhone S a and I sorted out some problems I was having with my Hotmail account. We made several up-and-down trips along canning highway the major road between East Perth in South Perth that viewed two properties that were highly suitable for Peter. We picked Peter up from his dayshift at 9:20 PM and went for a drink to debrief from my property viewings. Peter delighted that we found him the property in the place that he wanted to be. Went home absolutely exhausted from a day of deadlines driving viewings and technology.

Saturday: Appetit again to finish packing and cleaning the flat leaving for a trip to wiretap cottage wider via Bustleton and and Banbury. Invited to lunch at band best Bustleton with the cast Odeon is of the cape cape track who happened to be the parents of a colleague.

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