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Sunrise over the Pantanile 05:30

Close encounter with extremely large Cayman under the canoe

Our first Copibiro an old gent just watching the world go by

Early Start Again!,!!!!!!!

It's being like the garden of Eden but only slightly different as it is guarded by mosquito.

The night are warm, yet clear and the skies are to die for, The mornings or should I say from 4 are like a concert of every bird, frog and caiman calls. The afternoons hot and sticky so much the birds have a siesta, then the evening comes and everything is back out, showing off.

Had a brilliant time on a canoe to get out into the lake and watch sunrise. It was magical. Just after and about 10 foot from the boat a piranha feeding frenzie took place and yes the water was boiling and piranhas were flying out of the water. Got our own back at lunch with piranha soup, and yes it does have a bit of bite!!!!!

Nearly completed a list of 350 birds in Pantanile and too many photos to remember them by.

Have included photos of one capibiro although large herds run everywhere. Had glimpses of the large river otter and hope to get a photograph of. Although got a little close to large caiman .see photograph.

Been to the local indigenous population who work at the lodge as well as fish. Had visions of long straw huts and local chief, was greeted by a lovely lady and a satellite disc, Joking aside it was interesting and informative of how they are changing their lifestyle to fulfil the protection of their environment for the rest of the world

Will send more photos in next blog of some of the local wild life.

Til next time....

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