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Recovery following journey to site

Two of guests staying at hotel

Breakfast for three

Left at 5pm just to make flight to Brazilia, landed at 9.00 just after the boarding of our next flight at 08.55!!!!! for flight to Cubiana, which was thought not be too much of an issue except we landed at Gate1 and were departing at Gate 24 on the farest pod. Having broken the land speed record we got to the gate as the pilot was shutting the door. But what about our bags!, it' s Ok Alison said through gasping breaths ,we have a spare of knickers in my hand bag.

So off we were heading to the Pantanile. Landed at 10:00 having lost an hour only to be told we have 3 hours to kill before the other couple arrive from Rio on a later flight!!! Spent the time shopping in Brazilian Mall, an interesting experience as very few people were there.

Finally met Finnish couple at 13:00 and the drove three hours into the middle of the Pantanile at the hotel Rio de Mumtum. We with the two Finnish couple increase the Eco lodges number to 6. Introduced to a beautiful lodge arrangement with swimming pool. We spot our first parrots and hoards of other bird species within seconds.

Went on an introductory walk with our personal guide Judy and got eaten alive by mosquitos. Not happy!

Came to evening meal and saw Tapir in the garden, however no camera what a blow!!!!

However evening drive we saw Tapir,rabbit,raccoons and many birds, all with death wishes,

Massive and I mean massive thunderstorm and the raging rain during the night, expected to be swimming in morning.

Today's activities included Tuesday28th horse riding, not on your life, so laid in and went and rain bathed in the pool, where we were entertained by the smallest of humming birds drinking from the pool.

This evening on the canoes will be wrapping up in my winter thermals to protect my body from the little barxxxxs

Til the next .....adiios.

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