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I'm getting the hang of it now

View during the pizza and beer lunch


Even more sexier!

Seeking shade at Whitehaven Beach

So after a long travel day we arrived at Airlie Beach fairly late on. However, we did have time to book a Jet Ski adventure for the next day! I was so excited I sent people pictures of our booking - some of you may remember! The Big4 Adventure Whitsunday campsite is worth a mention - excellent apart from the Internet connection. Really clean and a great swimming pool.

24th saw us head off for the Jet Ski tour. We had booked an hour and a half double jet ski guided tour around Airlie Beach followed by a Jet Ski Power Boat ride starting at 1300. It started welll until Leigh got the safety brief and the warning of not to do it if you have a bad back! The look on her face was a picture but I managed to keep her quiet by kicking her gently under the table. It was with more than a bit of trepidation we eventually got on the jet ski with me at the helm. It's harder than it looks! Leigh clung on for all she was worth whilst I wrestled with the controls. I managed to keep the thing going in a straight line eventually. Great fun for me but Leigh was not too impressed. After 45 mins, and some persuading, Leigh took over the helm. She took to it like a natural and was soon moaning about the person in front not going fast enough! She admitted to enjoying it much more once she got control. Doesn't say much for my driving eh?

After a very enjoyable pizza and a beer it was time for the power boat - I soon regretted the pizza and beer! It threw us about all over the place doing spins and all sorts! Went around the Whitsunday Islands and saw some of the devastation to some of the Island resorts as a result of cyclone Debbie. Good to know they are intending to build them back up again in the near future. All-in-all a very good day.

On 25th we went on our pre-booked sail around the Whitsunday Islands on a huge catamaran called 'Camira'. Pick up was at 0700 and drop off was at 1800 so a long day. I'm not supposing anyone has any sympathy for that! It was a good day but not enough actual sailing for me - mostly under power. However, when the skipper did turn the engines off it was great. First stop was a chance to go snorkelling. We had to wear full body 'stinger suits' as the jelly fish can ruin your holiday - not the sexiest of looks! Saw some great fish close to the coral line. We then stopped off at Hill Inlet for a play on Whitehaven Beach - glorious with miles of pure white silicon 'sand'. As Leigh managed to nearly break one of her toes getting in and out of the boat and was now hobbling as she was when her back went (tsk!) we sought shelter by some rocks and watched the tide rise. Also saw some massive Golden Orb spiders on the way to one of the lookout points. Thoroughly enjoyable day and we drank our fair share of the alcohol on board!

Great time at Airlie Beach - no idea what tomorrow or the rest of the week has to offer.

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