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Pool at hotel


Vivekenanda's Monument

Gandhi Mandir

1500 year old Temple

Sofa delivery

New sofa

We have seen Sharon Lumber, Judson Footwear, Brian Agencies, Lawrence Lodgings. Kerala is a state with the Communist Party in power, so we see lots of flags with the hammer and sickle.

Heading back to Kattakkada and Sheeja's house, we stopped at the Sujindrum Temple for over an hour. About 1,500 years old, hand carved sandstone, with lots of worshippers. So impressive! Despite the 33 degree temperature, the construction allowed for cool breezes throughout the dozens of rooms, pillars altars, and walkways. Always a melodrama though: as I had to return to the car to leave my bag when they spotted my tablet, and Jud had to change out his shorts into long pants, and then we couldn't find the driver to unlock the car, and then as we returned to the temple someone broke an overhead light and glass shards were everywhere, as we walked through in bare feet after having to take off our sandals to enter the temple.

Back in the car heading home, hoping to stop at the Padamadama Palace, but when we arrived at 12:45, it was closed until 2:00 so we drove on. Abi took us to a waterfall area that Brian had seen 30 years ago when there was no water, but today it was gushing. The fun went out of it when a very pushy man insisted I pay 5 times the entry price if I took pictures. I told him I wasn't going to and walked on but he held back Vasu and Abi until they paid. Thousands of people all dunking themselves - women on one side, men on the other. I needed the facilities - squat only.

Then back to the village/city and furniture shopping for a sofa. Daddy couldn't leave them without any furniture. Several stores later and lots of haggling and one was purchased - not cheap! Rather than teak and tufted fabric in garish colours, we settled on a black nogahyde (vinyl) one that can be wiped down and won't stain --- just so long as the two year olds don't bite it!

Another stop at an ATM to make sure we had money for the driver for the past two days, and to take us to the airport tomorrow. By the time we got back to the house, the sofa was being delivered on the back of an elongated tuk tuk (motor rickshaw). Between Jud, Vasu, and the driver, it was into the house in seconds.

Tonight we sit on the new couch, watching soccer on their miniature 18 inch TV and writing this journal. We considered getting them a larger TV but they are very expensive here in the village at Rs 35000 plus for a 26 inch ($700 Cdn).

A 4 inch centipede in the bathroom with Jud's shower. Mosquito repellant all around as we are spending the night at Sheeja's for the first time.

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