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View of BA from Buquebus ferry

My last day in BA I went shopping. Took the subway to Palermo barrio and walked along Avenida Santa Fe which is a Main Street through BA. This is real traditional style downtown shopping with stores of all varieties lining the streets for over a mile. Clothing housewares you name it. Cafes and restaurants. Strolling and window shopping at its best. The perfect temperature huge trees and light wind made it perfect. I was looking for some short leather boots but it's spring here and the stores are full of summer clothes and shoes. Clunky platform type sandals are apparently the in thing now. I found a shop that specializes in carpincho which is a type of suede leather from the capybara. Many stores had carpincho boots but they were of poor quality. The capybara is an animal that sort of looks like a huge pig but is actually the largest rodent In the world. I fell in love with a carpincho jacket that fits like a glove and while it was very expensive I decided to buy it as Xmas gift for myself. Smiley face. The question is whether the name of the jacket will be the "rat jack" or the "chupacabra". Hahaha

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