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Buquebus docked in Colonia



The outside of my Airbnb home where I had a room




These stray dogs know where to beg for good scraps
























This dog who I think is a stray is obviously quite comfortable....











Some literature concerning the national obsession with Mate



I took the Buquebus fast ferry from BA to Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay. Took about an hour and a half. Got off the ferry and the aduana was a complete joke as it was obvious that anyone and everyone was welcome regardless of what's in their baggage. Colonia is a magical city on the Rio de la Plata. Huge sycamore trees line the cobblestone streets and the wind blows. The old town is as picturesque as they come. Any movie involving an old Hispanic town with lots of shade from the huge trees and colored with the abundant bougainvilleas and jacarandas could be filmed here. Antique abandoned cars litter the streets at places. It's slow. Very slow. Extremely picturesque and there are very interesting artisanal stores in the old city area. It's beautiful. The people are happy.

Cows out number people in Uruguay about 5 to 1 so if you're vegetarian don't bother coming here. You need to eat meat. Beef. Wear leather. Drink milk. The people are friendly. Every other person walking down the street or sitting on a bench has a thermos under one arm and his Mate cup in the hand. I cannot compare the obsession here with Mate to anything in any other culture I've experienced. Yes, there was Mate in Chile and Argentina. But nothing like here. It's just a way of life with everyone.

I had a steak (entrecot here, bife de chorizo en Argentina) but once again, hate to say, I could have cooked it better. No seasoning and the fat wasn't rendered down on the sides. But it was fine and the chimichurri type salsa served with it was good. I had a room in a house and the people were very nice. The yard was beautiful full of bougainvillea. Their golden retriever was hungry for lots of petting and nuzzling. The next day I got on the Turil bus headed for the capital city of Montevideo. The scenery was rural. Farmland and cows with lots of wind. It's a flat land full of grass ideal for cattle.

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