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Sumiyoshi Shrine Gate

Sumiyoshi Main Hall

Sumiyoshi Ebisu Shrine Tori path

Sumiyoshi Ebisu Shrine

Ebisu, god of fishermen and luck

Sumiyoshi Sumo ring

An ancient Sumo wrestler

Hakata Station, Zelkova leaves are starting to turn, will be yellow in...

View from Hakata Stn along Taihaku Dori, towards the port.

Hakata Tues 21st Nov. 4.4-15°C, clear & sunny.

Went by subway to Hakata Stn. Strolled 10min to Sumiyoshi Jinja, said to be the oldest of 2,200 "Sumiyoshi Shrines" in Japan.

This shrine has a deep connection to sumo since ancient times, and hosts the Asakayama Stable for the November Japan Grand Sumo Tournament. Peaceful and quiet, with many areas to explore in a natural setting amongst large mature trees. Easy to spend an hour or two here.

Hakata Station is a huge shopping complex with restaurants, cafes, etc. There is a viewing area on the roof where you can watch planes land in the centre of the city. A balcony on the west side has nice city views.

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