Hong Kong Australia and New Zealand Fall 2017 travel blog

Leaving the Marrioitt Sydney Harbor

Sydney Airport

Air New Zealand plans nicely painted

Kia Ora-Welcome to New Zealand

Imporessive start in Auckland

Best Western President Hotel

October 24, 2017-On to New Zealand! We were picked up at our hotel by the team bus—we are back with Adventure Caravans again. Took us to the Sydney Airport for a 2 hour flight over to Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand. One of the big deals for New Zealanders is not bringing in foreign pests or parasites. One of our group accidently forgot they ahd an apple in their gear. When it was discovered they were fined $400 NZ for the mistake. Later I found that I had some peanuts that I didn’t declare, but luckily they didn’t see thoise or did not have a problem with them.

We took a bus to the Best Western in downtown Auckland. This hotel wasn’t the best, but it was centrally located and handy to lots of tourist related venues. The trip took most of the day, so by the time we had finished our travels, checked in, and settled down, it was dinnertime. We met up with Bill and Sheila, a couple on the tour from Michigan. Bill had a craving for Mexican food. We did some research and found a place not far away. It was down a pedestrian mall with lots of shops. Took us a little while to find it. In the meantime we saw a neat area called a restaurant collective. More about that tomorrow.

With some local assistance (NZrs are very friendly and willing to help) we found the Mexican restaurant. It had all the right beer signs and pictures of senoritas, and the menu had all the right names on it, but it wasn’t like the food back home. Not bad, just different.

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