Vegas Nov 2017 travel blog

Quiet day. Wendy not feeling well. Grandkids have cheerleading practice so we're on our own. Spend a couple of hours at the Natural History Museum in North Vegas. Nice little museum. Most impressive part was a complete replication of King Tut's tomb with all the artifacts. Amazingly real. Cost over $3 million. Apparently one of the casinos (maybe the Luxor?) funded it with the intention of putting it in the casino but donated it to the museum instead. Things you may not know about King Tut. Like all pharaohs, married family member (in his case his half sister) so got all the downside of incest. 2 deformed, stillborn children. He had a cleft palette. Other little known fact. When you got mummified in Egypt, they take out all your organs including your brain (which Egyptians believed had no use except to make mucus) but leave the heart so you could live in the after-life. In Tut's case, they took out the heart as well, suggesting that somebody wanted to make sure he didn't make it to the next world. The perils of being all-powerful.

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